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Different ways co-managed IT services saves you money

Co-managed IT services can produce cost savings for businesses of all sizes when appropriately leveraged. With technology serving as a vital component to daily business operations, it is essential to ensure optimal IT performance now more than ever. Co-managed IT services help save businesses money by reducing downtime, offering valuable insight, and providing support when in-house IT teams need the extra helping hand. 

Organizations benefit from this flexibility to meet their changing needs while allowing their own IT staff to focus on other core needs. 

Here are some of the ways an organization can save money with co-managed IT services.

Reduce staffing costs

Hiring just one additional employee costs on average $4,425 and can take 36 to 42 days to get them onboarded and ready to work. Get additional staffing without the cost associated with hiring permanent employees. Some organizations cannot afford large IT teams on staff. Businesses can use the resources of a co-managed IT services provider on an as-needed basis, eliminating steep overhead costs.

Additional resources for projects

Big projects, like data migration, can monopolize the time of a business’s regular IT staff. Bringing in a co-managed IT services provider to assist with occasional projects can help achieve the mission without disturbing your current IT staff. Between the regular staff and the available experts from the IT partner, tasks can be divided and conquered without jeopardizing the safety and security of networks and sensitive information.

Lower equipment and software costs

Businesses can enjoy access to the latest equipment and software at lower costs when working with a co-managed IT provider. This partnership allows companies to downsize the amount of technology infrastructure they must maintain. By using the co-managed IT service provider’s data centers, businesses will see savings on the cost of hardware, energy, and equipment space. Not to mention savings related to consulting, software licensing, and training.

Cybersecurity and compliance

When partnered with a co-managed IT provider, businesses reduce the chances of cyberattacks that can compromise sensitive data. System breaches can lead to compliance violations, which, in turn, can subject companies to fines and other associated fees. With cyberattacks and data breaches on the rise in the U.S., businesses must take all steps necessary to reduce the risk. Another risk of cybersecurity breaches and other malicious attacks is the downtime it produces while systems are being secured and brought back online.

Decrease downtime costs

Speaking of downtime, fewer things can affect a bottom line quite like an entire workforce at a standstill due to technical issues. Equipment and software that are proactively monitored experience fewer issues. And should problems arise, they can be addressed immediately to reduce downtime that can sap worker productivity.

Make the right decision the first time

Having access to a team of technology experts gives any business access to the vast knowledge necessary to make the right decision for their technology needs the first time around. Avoiding costly mistakes can keep organizations within their budgets. GDR Group offers flexible technology solutions for any size company. Reach out to us today to learn more about how a partnership with our highly-capable team can grow and scale your business.