Staff security awareness training

5 reasons why security awareness matters

Cyberattacks are happening more often and constantly evolving to gain access to business data. The saying “ignorance is bliss” is the opposite of what you should think about security awareness. There are many moving pieces when it comes to having a solid security foundation. Still, when that foundation gets set, there are significant benefits when certain aspects get carried out correctly.

Check out the top 5 benefits of your business having security awareness.  

Prevent breaches and attacks

With the number of cyberattacks happening every day, it’s essential to educate your employees about what kinds of threats are most prevalent. You may think that cyberattacks only affect large corporations, but that’s not the case. Did you know that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses? 

Data breaches can cost your company millions of dollars compared to investing a small amount of that towards training your employees regularly to mitigate risk. Lack of training often results in unprepared employees. They also won’t know how to recognize and the necessary steps to respond to evolving threats. 

Give your clients peace of mind

When you have a security awareness foundation in place, your clients will feel more secure with you handling their information. They wouldn’t just post their personal information on the internet for everyone to see willingly, and they trust you won’t do the same. 

Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Having a clear understanding of regulatory compliance requirements for your organization is a must-have now. If you’re not up to date on current requirements, you could put your client’s information at risk and face fines for not having protective measures in place.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an excellent resource for staying up to date with current cybersecurity compliance programs. There are comprehensive security awareness training programs available to you covering everything from the latest threats to look out for and responding to them. 

Influence company culture towards safety

Having an intentional objective towards data security leads to fostering positive change and better security in all areas. Sustaining top-level security means everyone has to be all in. Holding security training every once in a while or not having mandatory training does nothing to create a holistic culture of cybersecurity in your organization. Having each employee take ownership of keeping the company protected gives them a sense of purpose. Everyone then is working together to achieve the same goal for the business and clients. 

Be socially responsible for your clients

Your clients trust you with their data for a reason. Having these protective measures in place shows your commitment to protecting their private information. With malicious emails being up 600% due to COVID-19, consumers are on high alert in ensuring their data is protected. Having the ability to show exactly how your business is putting forth an effort to safeguard their information will give them the confidence needed. In return, this will lead to higher customer satisfaction. 

Let us help improve your organization security foundation

Your business may know why security awareness and training are important but not sure where to start. GDR Group is here to help. We offer security awareness training that will equip your team with the tools and knowledge to make the right decisions to protect your business both externally and internally. Reach out to us for more information and how we can help you build this foundation.