Phishing Attack Uses GDPR as Bait

There is yet another email scam you need to watch out for. New European data privacy regulation is going into effect May 25th. It’s called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and bad guys are using it as bait, claiming you’re not compliant and you are violating this new regulation.

Just one example are phishing attacks made to look like Airbnb, according to research from Redscan.

Their research began after an email supposedly sent from Airbnb’s customer support line was found to be a phishing attack asking users to update their personal information like credit card information because they were not “GDPR compliant”.

The fake Airbnb notification used a spoofed address like “”. Airbnb is taking action and has their Trust and Safety team investigating this campaign.

Expect other, similar campaigns to hit the wires in the next few weeks. Do not click on links in emails, or open suspicious attachments that claim any kind of problem with “GDPR”.

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