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Scam of the Week: "Phishers Target PayPal Users"

Phishers Target PayPal Users With Fake “Failed Transaction” Emails

Scammers are pushing out fake PayPal emails that use the premise of an unverified transaction to phish for customers’ personal and financial information.

With the end-of-the-year holidays quickly approaching and many users worrying whether the gifts they bought online will be delivered in time for the festivities, an email from PayPal saying their transactions were impossible to verify or their payments were not processed will throw most users for a loop. Read more….

Scam of the Week: "The Uber Hack"

Uber Total Loss: 57 Million Records Stolen But Data Breach Was Hidden For A Year

Uber is known for pushing the limits of the law and has dozens of lawsuits pending against it, but this one went too far and now comes the reckoning.

Bloomberg was first to report that hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber, a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. Finally, this week, they fired their chief security officer and one of his deputies for their roles in keeping the hack under wraps, which included a $100,000 payment to the attackers to “delete the data”. Read more…

Scam of the Week: "Cyber Monday is Scammer Heaven"

The majority of consumers are aware of online phishing scams, but still may fall victim this cyber Monday… DomainTools, a leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, released the findings of their 2017 Cyber Monday Phishing Survey this week. The survey results highlighted that two in five U.S. consumers have fallen victim to an online phishing attack, despite the fact that 91 percent are aware of the existence of these spoofed websites or emails of trusted brands. Read more…