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Scam of the Week: FBI Warns of Spike in W2 Phishing

The FBI has joined the IRS in warning that W2 tax form phishing is on the rise.

The US tax filing deadline is now less than a month-and-a-half away, and tax-themed phishing is trending up. Compromised or spoofed emails alleging to be from a company executive are received by the human resources department. Those emails request W2 information.  Read more….

Which Phishing Messages Have a Near 100% Click Rate?

“Training employees to spot phishing emails, messages and phone calls can’t be done just once or once a year if the organization wants to see click rates decrease,” said Zeljka Zorz at Help Net Security. Zeljka had a great summary of Wombat’s latest State of the Phish report. Read more

Scam of the Week: Recent Florida Parkland School Shooting Charity Fraud

Cyber criminals are trying to benefit from the Florida Parkland school shootings. They are sending out phishing campaigns with topics and hashtags like Parkland, guncontrolnow, read more….

2018 Winter Olympics Phishing Campaign Hides Evil PowerShell Script In Image

According to researchers at McAfee, a new malware campaign is targeting organizations associated with the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Read more…


Scam of the Week: Wave of Payroll Direct Deposit Phishing Attacks

This Scam of the Week covers a new Direct Deposit phishing scam that is affecting employers nationwide without regard to their payroll portals or payroll service providers. Read more…


Scam of the Week: The Most Sophisticated Netflix Phishing

This Scam of the Week covers a phishing campaign that hijacked the Netflix brand. This phish tries to trick you into handing over your login details, your credit card data, and your photo ID. Read more…


Scam of the Week: Fake Meltdown and Spectre Patch Phishing Emails

You may be aware of the warnings and advisories that were recently discovered that practically all computer systems worldwide have a hardware bug called “Meltdown and Spectre.” Read more


Scam of the Week: New Massive Data Breach Poses Major Threat

Companies You’ve Never Heard of are Exposing Your Personal Data

Earlier this week, an analyst from the security firm Upguard shared that Alteryx had not properly protected detailed information it had collected on 123 million U.S. households.  Read more…


Scam of the Week Blends CEO Fraud and W-2 Phishing

A new “urgent alert” has been issued by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, that internet criminals have combined CEO Fraud and W-2 phishing to target a much wider range of organizations than ever before.  Read more…


Scam of the Week: "Phishers Target PayPal Users"

Phishers Target PayPal Users With Fake “Failed Transaction” Emails

Scammers are pushing out fake PayPal emails that use the premise of an unverified transaction to phish for customers’ personal and financial information.  Read more….

Scam of the Week: "The Uber Hack"

Uber Total Loss: 57 Million Records Stolen But Data Breach Was Hidden For A Year

Uber is known for pushing the limits of the law and has dozens of lawsuits pending against it, but this one went too far and now comes . Read more…

Scam of the Week: "Cyber Monday is Scammer Heaven"

The majority of consumers are aware of online phishing scams, but still may fall victim this cyber Monday… DomainTools, a leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, released the findings of their 2017 Cyber Monday Phishing Survey this week.  Read more…