Dell Partner

Aliso Viejo, CA

GDR Group collaborates with Dell Technologies

Proudly serving  Aliso Viejo

At GDR Group, we constantly strive for competence in providing the best of service. Our consulting services combined with enterprise-level Dell infrastructure create a perfect work ecosystem.

We are an authorized Dell partner / Dell reseller / Dell consultant / Dell dealer serving companies in the Aliso Viejo, CA area. Our expert Dell consultants can help your organization implement and utilize a Dell solution to benefit your business needs!

As a Dell partner, we sell Dell Laptops, monitors, work PCs, server and Dell services. We also offer Dell support and Dell Enterprise services consulting to companies of all sizes. Our expert Dell consultants can help you strategize and troubleshoot different Dell device support issues and concerns. GDR Group is your preferred Dell consulting company!

With over 15 years in the IT field, we confidently recommend Dell IT hardware and laptops. In our significant experience with both Dell and other manufacturers, Dell consistently performs above the mark in comparison. We are proud to be a partner with them and grow our Dell knowledge and certifications.